From forest to pressroom, we understand that we have to take responsible steps throughout production.

At Klear, we are committed to sustainable business practices. Our policy is to seek out sustainable materials, reuse and recycle materials whenever possible, and utilize renewable energy in our offices and in the pressroom. We encourage our customers to join in this commitment by using recycled materials and by practicing environmental stewardship.

Our facility is powered by 100% wind power. By using wind power instead of coal or natural gas, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
We recycle our waste paper and ink products, as well as office waste.
We use vegetable-based inks with low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions.
Our house envelopes are 100% recycled, with a biodegradable cornstarch window.
Our house paper is a locally produced paper that is 30% or more post consumer process and chlorine free.

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