We do the busy work, so you can do your work. KLEAR Marketing’s Direct Mail Department is your go-to source for critical back-office functions. Direct mail and Fulfillment services are designed to meet your business’ needs and complement overall marketing efforts.

Industry Numbers

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Amount of boost in response rates by including recipient's name and a special color to the mail piece.

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Percentage of people who like receiving mail offers that reward their loyalty.

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Percentage of direct mail recipients who will visit your website after a direct mail campaign is received.

BOOM. You’ve got results.

KLEAR Marketing knows direct mail. We send millions of mail pieces a year on behalf of our customers. Millions! Thanks to our premire status with the United States Postal Service, we can assure on-time delivery. Let our team guide you through the maze of postal regulations and pricing, and design a direct mail piece sure to get results. Our experts in list management will help you identify your key markets—and when the mail goes out—every piece is tracked by intelligent mail bar codes and the KLEAR MailTracker.

Database and List Services

KLEAR offers database and list services with extensive demographic selections for both B2C and B2B campaigns. We offer specialty list purchases (businesses, new move-in, saturation, hobbies, age, etc.), mapping, merging and duplication, removal, and NCOA and CASS Certifications.


Processing / Sorting / Delivery. Our multi-platform high-speed addressing technology is complemented by our intelligent letter inserting that includes integrated character and barcode recognition. We also partner with the USPS to have onsite verification as well as extended entry hours.

All Under
One Roof

Direct mail campaigns have a lot of moving parts. The good news: we can handle all those parts under one roof. From the idea to the basket of out-going mail, we’ve got you covered.

We’re Making A Big Splash In The Rent-To-Own Industry

Our hands-on experience in the RTO space has led us to develop unique tools, specific to this space. Targeting your audience is what we do best. We have designed, printed and distributed nationwide campaigns for top tier RTO brands, and yours can be next.